Mythmaking and Magic in Modern Times

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein
2 min readSep 16, 2021


The catastrophe rages all over the planet. The long stories of multi-generational trauma, addiction, and destruction continue to play out on human bodies, animal bodies, and the bodies of the land Herself.

And yet, in the midst of all of this, I find reasons for hope even when my logical mind tells me to despair…

“Surely, we must be at the end of the world…”

“Surely, with the climate catastrophe, we’re going all the way down… losing everything… zero-sum game.”

Terrors come and go like the weather in my mind, but as a story worker, in my body, I sense more.

I feel an expanse of stories every day: different voices being centered, different bodies, the voices of queer bodies, brown bodies, indigenous bodies; of mystics, of dreams, and of healers.

I listen to the stories of my neighborhood trees. Their voices are getting louder. The Mother of all things wakes me up most days, giving me clear directives before dawn.

Ancient/new story technologies are emerging; recognition that we can speak, listen, and receive information directly from our ancestors, nervous systems, muscles, blood, and bones as well as from the bedrock deep beneath underground rivers and mighty oceans.

These stories carry us if we allow them into awareness. If we tap back into memories that live as us and through us, our own somatic storylines will take us back in and forward at once.

We CAN return to the old ways we once lived, and embody the essence of our most aligned archetypes.

This is what it means to be human. This is inherent to the long story of our many lifetimes.

The Spirit of all things offers us a voice and our stories, and as the stories we tell and hear increase in diversity, not only amidst humans, but stories of the land and other species, we gain access to the stories that will lift our wills and our imaginations — medicine for these times.

The long story is the source of our power, a remembrance deeper than any perceived limitations imposed upon us by systems and structures that do not know the way of love.

The long story leads us back to the ways of magic and the miraculous unfolding around us.

Image courtesy of Pexels